What Constançon Currencies provides ….

Constançon Currencies offers a independent and bespoke outsourced forex services, supported by forex and business specialists using tailor made SAAS software to which customers have access 24/7.

We help you to understand when exposures and therefore currency risks truly arise, their risk profile and therefore the best way to manage the hedging strategy of product ranges, currencies and the annual cycles within your, jointly assessed, risk appetite.

We ensure you are protected where appropriate but allow, through the hedging strategy, the ability to gain from positive movements.

It is important to understand the impact of forex activity on your business success, the impact decisions have on profit and margins and determine the best ways to manage currencies, account accurately and report meaningfully.

We provide SME and AIM companies the ability to employ the best skills and systems
at a net gain.

We are differentAs one of your team, we work with you and for you, providing currency expertise.  You gain the expertise of a global forex manager with experience working for more than 350 global companies.

Independent – We provide our services on a retainer basis, as an extension of your workforce and therefore your interests and needs are our priority.   Our fees are not a function of transaction activity.

Administration – Constançon Currencies handles the administration of funds flow, contract management, maturities and determining true costs and income which can be complex even when simple forex spots and forwards are used.

Funds flow and authorities – Your funds are never routed through Constançon Currencies’s bank accounts.  You authorise the transfer of funds to and from your own accounts and to third parties.  You authorise Constançon Currencies to negotiate rates and perform administration functions.

Bespoke currency advice – Understanding your business in all aspects we determine the best working relationship and operational solutions that are the most effective for your needs.  Influencing factors are currencies, countries, restrictions, frequency, volumes, time, supplier conditions etc.

Rate negotiation – Combining information about your business and the market movements we determine currency activity needed and negotiate the rates – ensuring the right product is purchased with the right provider, for the right date at the right price.  We consider the transaction charges levied and achieve the best solution considering rate, costs, credit lines, counterparty risk and service.

For more information, please review Constançon Currencies Services Summary.

PLEASE NOTE:   We are not a broker or currency provider !!!

Brokers proliferate and there are many high street banks.  These entities provide various services that are relatively similar in that they provide deliverable currency.  They each have specialisms and pricing models.  We work with as many of these as our customer portfolio demands.  We have developed symbiotic working relationships with many providers that offer services we need for our customers and work with providers where  our customers have facilities.

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