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Forex Risk Can't Be Avoided...

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No long-term contracts
In-house systems & technology
Direct net bottom line saving
Strategic Forex risk management
Highly experienced
Unbiased & independent
As an importer or exporter, you know how fluctuations in the Forex market can directly affect your bottom line.

We reduce that risk while offering a full outsourced treasury solution, resulting in a gain of 2%-5% of the foreign exchange turnover.

What we do

Providing an all embracing foreign currency management function, we focus on currency requirements, business risks and integrating that with responses to the market movements. In addition, we handle rate negotiation utilising the excellent relationships we have in place with a number of carefully selected currency providers.

We seamlessly integrate with companies to ensure exposures are known in time, reporting of currency activities is accurate, costing of products and services is appropriate and correct profits and cash flows are accounted for. Constançon Currencies support you in international negotiations to ensure you sign up to a deal that is best for the business.

We help create a forex strategy aligned to your corporate objectives; allowing you to run your business without the constant worry of the impact currency movements might be having.

What our customers say:

SA Manufacturing - Heavy Engineering

“Being engaged with Constançon Currencies helped me truly understand how much they know about forex risk management, processes, accounting and reporting. They quickly replaced our efforts with robust systems which saved time and gave me great comfort.” 
– Finance Director

SA Manufacturing Business - Light Industry

“Constançon Currencies understand forex, they understand complex accounting, even hedge accounting, and their systems can deliver the required answers I need. I understand accounting and yet as forex specialists they can speak my language” 
– Finance Manager

SA Fashion Wholesaler

“Our needs to look forward 18 months and set costs, which were then protected through Constançon Currencies forex strategy, allowed the business to focus on the production, shipping and sales aspects of the business” 

Who we are

Sharon Constançon is the Founder and CEO of Constançon Currencies.

She is the original pioneer of Corporate Treasury Risk Management in South Africa. With over three decades of experience working as a contracted specialist to top 500 level companies in the arena of risk management, particularly forex treasury risk management, Constançon Currencies is the ultimate FX Treasury Risk Management consultancy.

Along with her team of portfolio managers, in-house systems and Risk Management Software, Constançon Currencies provides optimal risk management, rate negotiation, accounting control, reporting and transparency.


Throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s Constançon Currencies was the well-known original identity of the UK based company today known as Valufin.

Constançon Currencies has now returned to South Africa to once again offer its services locally to the South African market, providing companies with a range of services from a fully fledged outsourced forex service, to advisory only to access to the powerful online in house designed forex management system.

All the Valufin UK services are provided to the SA market with the service being delivered within SA, with SA banks and currency providers.

Constançon Currencies will address your forex needs from risk assessment, strategy definition, product structures, hedging time windows, use of premiums and discounts, spot rate management, deal negotiation, currency movement accounting, product costing and all detailed reporting required for the various departments and individuals in the business.

The power is in knowing what is happening within the business and therefore how to interface correctly with the market; this being feasible using the powerful software that tracks the business information and the transaction information.

To meet with a SA representative, please contact us on : +27 (0) 21 813 5947


A fresh pair of eyes

We can review your foreign exchange activities so that the board gains assurances and understanding on forex risks, opportunities and processes and whether these are optimally managed.

Bespoke currency advice – We determine the best working relationships and operational solutions which are the most effective for your needs.

Reviews – Constançon Currencies offer currency reviews or a full currency audit.

Training – Constançon Currencies provides in-house training on forex management.

Project management – Constançon Currencies can deliver short term projects, hand over to your internal staff and review periodically if required.


Treasury manager


Constançon Currencies conducts a full review of your company to allow us to understand when your exposures and currency risks truly arise. We are then able to analyse your current hedging program and advise on its effectiveness.

Working close to you we determine a specific risk profile and build your forex strategy to allow opportunity to take advantage of favourable market movements whilst minimising risk.

Understanding the major drivers and cycles of your business allows us to determine what currencies and amounts need to be hedged and for how long.

Our Forex Risk Management (FRM) software manages and records both sides of your portfolio, enabling the relationship between your exposures and hedging instruments to be fully understood. This complete transparency allows hedging strategies to be monitored, adjusted and reported accurately, whilst removing administrative burdens.

We have developed excellent relationships with many different currency providers as each have their own specialisms and pricing models. We negotiate rates and fees on your behalf and dissect any complex instruments that are offered to assess their suitability.

Constançon Currencies handles the administration of funds flow, contract management, maturities and determining true costs and income. Your funds are never routed through Constançon Currencies’s bank accounts, you authorise the transfer of funds to and from your own accounts and to third parties.

Our clients typically see an increase to the bottom line in excess of 3% of the FX turnover.



Having developed our own Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product, we can provide you with the tools to dynamically manage your exposures to currency and track all currency provider activities. Our software is fully transparent, giving clarity on all transactions, correct accounting and costing, and valuable “what-if” analysis.

Forex Risk Management (FRM) supports the accurate accounting and reporting of information, replacing risky spreadsheets typically used for this purpose and reducing the administrative strain for yourself and your team.

The complete visibility provided by FRM allows your hedging position to be continuously monitored and adjusted. Stress tests are used to ensure your risk appetite is correctly aligned to your hedging strategy.