Our Clients

Who would find the services of Constançon Currencies of value?

Customers for whom we can add the most value:

Customers that trade more than GBP 100 000 a year up to GBP 100 million.

Smaller clients get services and value that they could not find at the price elsewhere, and the gains are apparent.

Customers with turnovers between GBP 1 million and GBP 50 million are most likely to have identified the need for such services but not worked out how to solve the issue.

Customers over GBP 50 million are likely to have determined certain needs and put various systems or processes in place to improve their risk management.  There are still likely to be shortages of resources in either technology, time or knowledge, some or all of which can be sourced from Constançon Currencies.

Customers over the GBP 100 million up the approximate GBP 450 million of a FTSE 250 entrant are likely to have focused support for their forex commitments but may lack resources, time or specific knowledge or may find an annual or bi annual review of their systems and process comforting.