Treasury Manager

Constançon Currencies conducts a full review of your company to allow us to understand when your exposures and currency risks truly arise. We are then able to analyse your current hedging program and advise on its effectiveness.

Working close to you we determine a specific risk profile and build your forex strategy to allow opportunity to take advantage of favourable market movements whilst minimising risk.

Understanding the major drivers and cycles of your business allows us to determine what currencies and amounts need to be hedged and for how long.

Our Forex Risk Management (FRM) software manages and records both sides of your portfolio, enabling the relationship between your exposures and hedging instruments to be fully understood. This complete transparency allows hedging strategies to be monitored, adjusted and reported accurately, whilst removing administrative burdens.

We have developed excellent relationships with many different currency providers as each have their own specialisms and pricing models. We negotiate rates and fees on your behalf and dissect any complex instruments that are offered to assess their suitability.

Constançon Currencies handles the administration of funds flow, contract management, maturities and determining true costs and income. Your funds are never routed through Constançon Currencies’s bank accounts, you authorise the transfer of funds to and from your own accounts and to third parties.

Our clients typically see an increase to the bottom line in excess of 3% of the FX turnover.